Can’t Stop Stress Eating? Here’s What You Can Do

2020 has brought too many surprises to us. Most of it’s surprises were stressful and annoying. The immediate response to reduce stress in every human being is food, and let’s be honest, mostly junk food. It is no secret that some of us might have finished a whole cake or a whole tub of ice cream over nothing, life is overwhelming sometimes. But this can become an addiction.

The mind and our stomach are best friends, if one is happy so is the other. “The gut is our second brain,” explains Nikki Ostrower, an integrative nutritionist, “Some of the brain’s neurotransmitters, aka happy chemicals, are manufactured in the gut ― 90% of serotonin, for example [a neurotransmitter associated with mood, sleep, appetite and gastrointestinal activity] is produced in the gut, which means there’s a direct correlation between mental health, well-being, digestion and food cravings.” “People turn to food when they’re stressed because it provides easy albeit temporary relief,” Ostrower said.

Hence stress eating is a real thing and can damage your body in many harmful ways. But don’t get disheartened because you can do something about it. Keeping a check on yourself, emotions can make you go crazy and act out. Talk to yourself and try to sort out your emotions and thoughts to keep your mind relaxed.

Choose healthy foods over your favourite snack. For example, if you ever feel like eating something crunchy and salty, potato chips are your go to thing right? Some salted nuts and peanuts are the perfect substitute. Nuts can also be a ready to go snack and can replace things like fries and popcorn. Feel like having soda or juice? Have chamomile tea instead, it will relax your mind and is low in calorie as well.


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