Bring Out Your Inner Child With These 5 Animated Movies On NETFLIX!

Animated movies are not just for kids, and the popularity of movies like Lego, Toy Story and Shrek says it loud and clear! If you have kids at home, these movies are a good way of spending time together and building fun movie-watching weekend rituals. And if you don’t have kids, these movies are still enjoyable as they let you be a kid again while you forget all your worries being totally engrossed in an animated imaginary la la land.

Here is a list of five animated movies currently streaming on NETFLIX that are a must watch:

1. Despicable Me

You can not make a list of animated movies and not include everyone’s favourite minions in it! It’s a movie dealing with heavy subjects like transformation from evil to good by self realisation and that good always prevails over bad, in the most fun way possible. To top it, Despicable Me 2 is also streaming on NETFLIX making it the perfect weekend binge!


2. Bee Movie

This movie has stolen many hearts. When Barry, a worker bee stuck in a dead-end job making honey, decides to sue humans for stealing bees’ nectar all along, us humans can’t help but be by his side. No matter how old you are, this movie is a joy to watch.


3. Storks

In this wonderful magical land, babies are delivered by storks. And then they stop it and start delivering other things. Until one day, a baby order somehow squeaks through and the story of a brilliant adventure begins! This tale is heartwarming and an out and out feel-good movie.


4. Hotel Transylvania 

The mega Dracula owns the Hotel Transylvania and is the dad to a beautiful monster daughter. Things get interesting when she meets someone unsuited for her and her world. This movie is all about finding ‘the one’, and having faith that love has the power to overcome all odds! Hotel Transylvania 2 is also streaming on NETFLIX for those who just can’t have enough of the cute monsters.


5. Happy Feet

This movie embraces being odd and doing things that are out of the box. Unlike his pals, young penguin Mumble can’t sing to attract a mate, but he is blessed with a unique gift. He is a penguin that tap-dances like a pro!



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