Breaking: These 28 Dubai Neighbourhoods Have Just Undergone Drastic Name Changes, Including Sheikh Zayed Road

Overnight, the news broke that the Dubai Land Department has released a list of 28 revamped local neighbourhood names – and there is one name change in particular that has us all shocked. Here is everything you need to know about what neighbourhoods to keep an eye out for.

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28 Neighbourhood Name Changes To Be Aware Of

Here is the full list of the 28 neighbourhoods in Dubai that have undergone the recent name changes. You can see their previous names and their new current names side by side.

Burj Khalifa Takes Center Stage

This name change came as one of the biggest shocks for the residents of Dubai. The illustrious Sheikh Zayed Road has now been renamed Burj Khalifa. Even areas such as the Emirates Hills divisions are adopting new identities.

Where Does Inspiration For Some Of These New Names Come From?

In a parallel initiative, Dubai introduces a refreshing approach to road nomenclature. The Al Khawaneej 2 area kicks off the trend, naming roads after local trees and flowers. Al Ghaf Street, named after a popular local tree species, leads the way, joined by others like Al Sidr, Basil, Al Faggy, Al Samr, and Al Sharish, adding a touch of nature to the cityscape.

So, what do you think of these recent neighbourhood/road name changes? I know that even though I don’t drive, it will still take a lot of getting used to not calling our beloved SZR Sheikh Zayed Road anymore. At least in the future, this will be a great test to see who the OG people of Dubai are if they remember the original names of these newly changed neighbourhoods.

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