BIZARRE: Dubai Man Attempted To Smuggle 49 Cocaine Capsules In His Stomach

Credits: Canva

A Nigerian man who tried to smuggle 49 cocaine capsules into Dubai was caught and sentenced to 10 years of prison. “He was visiting Dubai for the first time and was coming via Turkey. I asked him if he wanted to declare anything but he denied (having anything to declare),” a customs officer said. “We felt something was not right and had him undergo a body scan.”

He was scanned by an x-ray and the capsules were very well visible in the x-ray. “When he was confronted, he admitted the capsules contained cocaine,” the officer said. The man admitted that he swallowed 1 KG of the capsules as he flew from Nigeria. He is a 47-year-old man who has also been fined AED 50,000.