Atlantis Aquaventure In Dubai Now Has The World’s Largest Waterslide!

Summer is about to come and one thing we all love about summer is Waterparks! Enjoying a perfect sunny day at the waterpark with your family is like the ultimate getaway. So Atlantis Aquaventure is here for you! New rides and waterslides have started at Atlantis Aquaventure from March 2021. Some of the new attractions here are; at 48-metres tall, Trident Tower – the biggest in Aquaventure – boasts 12 record-breaking waterslides and attractions. Splasher’s Lagoon and Splashers’ Cove and so much more! Let’s take a detailed look at each and every one:

Shockwave: This unique water ride is a combination of speed, power, and rafting adventure all in one. Families of up to six blast forward 449 metres for over one-minute through a series of tunnels, at the speed of a giant slalom ski course. Riders drop and dive as they race along the outer wall of the curve anticipating the next change in direction as they look down the fall-line.

Medusa’s Lair: An intricate web of twists and turns, just like Medusas’ snaky hair. Riders are blasted through a series of dark caves, steep slopes and drops as they race one another to the end.

Blackout: Billed as the scarier sister to Leap of Faith, daring riders plummet down an almost-vertical drop that delivers extreme thrills and high velocities from beginning to end.

Hydra Racers: Four racers at a time can challenge one another to be the first to the bottom to win the “trident”

Immortal Falls: Experience Dubai’s first thrill-seeking, gravity-defying cliff jumps – leaping down the Immortal Falls for those that dare to dive.

Raging Rapids: Guests can experience what it feels like to be raging through a number of roaring water elements, from powerful waves, high-pressure bubbles and currents to tempt the most daring youngsters and adults alike.

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