All The KHDA Guidelines You Need To Know About Schools Reopening In The UAE

KHDA has announced that new rules for schools in the UAE. Offline learning will resume from October 3rd, except for the students in exceptional circumstances. All school-related activities like sports, excursions, extracurricular activities, assemblies and performances will resume, provided the safety protocol is followed.

Any student who wishes to attend online school will have to present a medical certificate by the Dubai Health Authority. Rest, for all, offline learning will resume. Students and teachers in the schools are to maintain a one-metre distance at all times. Face masks are mandatory for staff members and students who are older than six years.

Buses will run at full capacity provided safety protocol is followed and regular sanitation is carried out. Though vaccination is not compulsory, but staff members who choose to not get vaccinated will have to show a negative PCR test each week. Though no such obligation is there on students.

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