5 Common Mistakes People Make With House Plants

House plants are said to increase the beauty of your house. Scientifically speaking they also increase the good vibration of the house, they are just like pets. Growing a plant from scratch can give you a sense of accomplishment and happiness. But many people make mistakes while buying house plants, so here are some of the common ones and their solutions:

Wrong Choices: 

“I’d say the most common mistake that people make is purchasing plants based on how they look, or how trendy they are, instead of getting plants that can thrive in the quality of light they have in their homes,” said plant and interior stylist, Hilton Carter.

Bulk Buying: 

“I’ve seen new plant parents get overly excited and go out and purchase too many varieties of plants at once. They end up losing a lot of those plants because it gets overwhelming trying to figure out which plant needs what type of care. My suggestion is to start with one or two new plants, learn about those and help them thrive, and then continue to add one new plant at a time,” said photographer, Rachel Mayo.


“Overwatering is one of the easiest ways to kill a houseplant. You may be tempted to water your plants on a strict schedule, but the best bet is to only water when needed. Always check the soil before watering. If it’s still moist, wait for water. Remember, it’s easier to add water than to remove it. I wait until I see signs of thirst like dropping or wrinkled leaves before watering.” ― Marino.

Too Much Or Too Little Light: 

“A common mistake that plant parents make is giving the plant too much or too little light. Make sure that the conditions you are keeping your plants in the match (or to your best abilities) the growing conditions required for the species. You can always supplement light with grow lights if you love cacti like me and have a north-facing window!” ― Heeks.

Drainage Holes: 

“One mistake I think new plant parents make is not having a container with a drainage hole. Using shards or pebbles for ‘drainage’ material does not work and is a hindrance to drainage. Drilling a hole is easy to do with masonry or diamond-tipped drill bit. It is too hard to determine whether your plant has enough water to entirely moisten the root ball or too much water which is drowning the plant when it is in a pot without drainage.” ― Eldred-Steinkopf.

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