All About Taking Care Of Your Hands

The Winter season and the pandemic are not a good combination. Since the pandemic started, we all know one thing for sure, WASH YOUR HANDS! People everywhere have been excessively using soap and sanitizer. So having dry and flaky hands is not so uncommon. Today team GulfBuzz is here to help you out! So here are somethings (dermatologist recommended) you can do to take care of your hands:


You have heard about this one for sure. But there is so much more to it. If you are somebody who has dry hands just because of excessive washing, then a light moisturiser should do the trick for you. A light cream moisturiser, applied twice or thrice in a day should be good enough for you.

Eczema and Cracks: 

Some people already have skin problems. Excessive washing just makes their hands worse. For people who develop cracks or have eczema, heavy or thick moisturisers are recommended. Things like Vaseline, oils of various kinds (tea tree, jojoba, coconut) can help you a lot. Oils can cool and heal the skin, thereby healing cracks and eczema.

Final Tips: 

Apply moisturiser when your hands are a little damp, not wet but damp. Always remember to moisturise well after a bath, since your skin is softest after a bath, it will absorb more. Do not over wash, and remember to use a mild soap.


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