All About Anxiety: Symptoms & Solutions

Mental health disorders have been even more common since the pandemic. Staying home all day with minimum about of social interaction has been hard on all of us, plus there is always the factor of uncertainty of the future. Hence some of the common mental health issues that have sprung up during this quarantine and lockdown are anxiety, depressions, panic attacks. Let’s talk about anxiety today:


One main symptom of anxiety is socialization. “Clients of mine who now have to go back to the office are noticing that even simple interactions, such as talking to someone on the elevator or by the kitchen, takes extreme effort,” said Amelia Aldao, a psychologist and anxiety specialist in New York City. It’s almost been a year of staying inside, hence it is natural for some people to find it hard to socialize again.


Take small and easy steps. For example, if you meet you neighbour on the street or around your neighbourhood, go ahead and start a conversation. Talk about general things like the weather or so. Since your neighbour is not an unknown person, it will be easy for you to come out of your shell. Another thing you can do is self care. Make a note of things that are trouble you, basically your symptoms. Try working on them one by one. Start your day with some positive self talk and promise yourself that you will do your best no matter what. If none of this works, going for therapy is always an option, consult a professional.


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