Abu Dhabi Will Soon Ban Single Use Plastic

Credits: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi has promised to ban single-use plastics, which is a significant step toward going green. At the height of the pandemic, the Abu Dhabi government established a dedicated agency to investigate how the city-state could ban single-use plastics.

It will be soon, according to Sheikha Al Mazrouei, Acting Executive Director of the Environment Agency’s Integrated Environment Policy & Planning. Around 16 items will be banned, such as plastic straws and single-use plastic plates and cutlery.

Furthermore, the ban on single-use plastic will include a total ban on single-use plastic bags. In addition, the EAD is considering a ban on single-use plastics in the supply and food chain.

“The policy measures are going to affect the supply chain from producers and manufacturers to retailers and waste management operators. They will also start “an incentive-based bottle return scheme to ensure recovery of potable water bottles,” Al Mazrouei noted. “The bottle return scheme is to be managed by producers, retailers, waste operators and relevant authorities,” she added.