Abu Dhabi & Dubai Named World’s Best Family Holiday Destinations

In a recent survey named The Family Vacation Guide, Abu Dhabi was named the world’s best family holiday destination, with Dubai coming in second. Both places made it to the top destinations to travel with kids. Antalya in Turkey made it to third place. TBH, we aren’t surprised with the high ranking, thanks to the number of kid friendly activities and fun things to do in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Named World’s Best Family Holiday Destination

Abu Dhabi scored 8.05 out of 10, the highest safety index score and also ranked highly for the number of kid friendly attractions in the capital. There are a number of activities for kids in Abu Dhabi like Yas MoviesFerrari World, First Anime & Gaming Con and so much more.

13 fun kids activities in Abu Dhabi | Experience Abu Dhabi

Dubai came at second place. Not only is it an extremely safe place for kids, but it also has loads of family friendly attractions. From museums, to fabulous architecture to desert oasis and plenty to do, Dubai is perfect for families.

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The top 20 cities for a family holiday

1. Abu Dhabi, UAE

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Antalya, Turkey

4. Madrid, Spain

5. Heraklion, Greece

6. Las Vegas, USA

7. Alicante, Spain

8. Singapore, Singapore

9. Cairo, Egypt

10. Melbourne, Australia

11. Bangkok, Thailand

12. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

13. San Diego, US

14. Marrakesh, Morocco

15. Lisbon, Portugal

16. Miami, US

17. Phuket, Thailand

18. Prague, Czech Republic

19. Istanbul, Turkey

20. Sydney, Australia

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