5 Way To Make Your Home Look More Classy Without Spending A Fortune!

We’re all guilty of daydreaming about our perfect house and how we would decorate it and how it would be the best place in the world. But when we actually get around to setting it all up, we realise that making a home look classy is expensive!

Here we are with 5 simple and inexpensive ways to make your home look more classy!

1. Set a theme and a colour palette

No matter what your budget is, before you start buying anything, set a theme and a colour palette for the house. Let this be your guide when you make decisions like what shall be the texture, feel and colour of everything. From furniture to walls to carpets to curtains to paintings, it should all look well put together.

If you already have a house that’s set up, there’s still time. Set the theme and then as and when you make changes in the house, keep the theme in mind and it’ll all slowly but surely come together.

2. Indoor plants

This is the best way to make any home more pretty. The green in the plants will go with any theme and it will amp up the classiness of the place by 1000%. For suggestions on which indoor plants to go for, check out 6 indoor plants to make your home look beautiful

3. Pictures! But not too many of them

Homes that are cluttered with pictures don’t tend to look very slick. However, having some pictures around will add to the aesthetics and it’ll make the place feel more homely. Select pictures that you really love, that you would want to see around yourself. Then carefully place those in frames that go with your theme and let your beautiful pictures make your home even more beautiful!

4. Lights

The colour of the lights is very important to the overall look of the house. Replace your white light bulbs with yellow light bulbs. This small change will make every piece of furniture look better and the way yellow light reflects on surfaces will take the classiness of your drawing room straight to a 100!

5. Keep it clean

A cluttered house with things lying around without any order and dust settling on untouched surfaces is bad for the house in so many different ways. Organise and set places for everything that the house has. Each night before you go to bed, spend 10 minutes in tidying it up. Set aside an hour a week to dust the house. These little things will make your home shine like never before!


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