6 Things To Do Post Breakup!

Breakups are one of the hardest things to go through. No matter whose fault it was, and whether the relationship lasted one or just a few days, it all hurts!

We know you’re in pain and we are here for you. Here are 6 things that you can do post a breakup:


1. Head Out

Go out for a dinner with the family or hang out with friends or if possible take a short vacation to a place you always wanted to go to. Just don’t sit at home and be sad, as that will make you think and overthink and make it a whole lot worse


2.Escape Into Stories

Pick out that book you always wanted to read or head to the movies or binge-watch a show. Let other stories take over your mind. Try to stay clear of romantic movies. Action, comedy, thriller, revenge, let these be your go-to genres.


3. Reconnect 

People tend to lose connections from their friends or family when they’re in a serious relationship. Now with all this newfound time, reconnect with them! Tell them you missed them and let them be around while you find your new ground.


4. Blah Blah Blah

Talk. It. Out. Don’t let those feelings and this experience be trapped in your head and your heart. Let it out, talk about it. To your friends, or family or even your therapist.

5. Work It

Head to your workplace with a new motivation to kick ass. Go to the gym or book a dance class or join a sports session and work your body until you feel healthy. Let your mind and body exercise and be busy busy busy!


6. There Is Time

While you do all these things remember that there is still time. Take your time to process what’s happening and heal. Don’t rush into another relationship until you get your closure. No matter how old you are, time is your friend and it is by your side till you become better!


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