5 Reasons Why ‘This Is Paris’ Is Trending All Over The World

The original ‘influencer’ Paris Hilton is here with a ‘tell-all’ documentary streaming on YouTube. She was possibly the first person to be famous for just being famous. Paving the pathway for the Kardashian clan and many others.

We remember her from her teenage days as being a spoilt brat, childishly stupid and insanely wild. As time passed by she grew into the crafter she created in her teenage days. And this documentary shines a light on that very fact, that it was merely a character and not her true self.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch This Is Paris

1.Know The Real Paris

Everything in her real personality is different from her ‘Paris Hilton’ character, including her voice. In reality, she comes across as your regular girl trying to make it big in this crazy world.

2. Being Glamorous Is Hard Work

Paris Hilton’s lifestyle is super glamorous, but as we look closer, the glamour is only the exterior. The reality is non stop hard work, constant travelling and loneliness.

3. Let’s Talk Abuse

This documentary shows Paris talk about her being sent to abusive camps and schools. This experience has left her with severe nightmares and insomnia that haunts her till this very day. Using this platform she’s raising awareness about it and starting a wave of change for the better.

4. Hope Is Not Lost

Paris talks about her dreams being the only reason she kept her sanity while being traumatised. That the best way to deal with a heavy past is to look forward. And if she can get up each day and chase her dreams, so can we all!

5. It’s For Free!

The documentary is available on YouTube for free. So no need for any subscription or one time payment.


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