4 Types of People In Every Dubai Metro 

“Doors Closing” this word does not only have a meaning to all Dubai residents but it has a deep emotion joined with it. Those words are just music to our ears, right? Thousands of people in Dubai take the metro every single day for their daily commute to work or otherwise and we surly do come across some unusual characters so here are a few.

1. The Seat Gamer

Okay, so these people’s sole agenda in the world is to get a seat at the metro every time they ride. I mean is this your sole agenda or do you have nothing else in life? Because you surely don’t have anything exciting!


2. The Talkers

These people oh god what do we even about them. These people might not get seats together so they would separately and speak so loudly as if they were sitting in their own homes.


3. The Creepers

We can also call them the scanning machine or the privacy invader. Do we need to explain more about it?


4. The Loudspeakers

You know there are times you are really tired and you just enter the metro and want to be kept in silence. But that’s the time when an annoying random person comes and starts playing loud music in his earplugs. I mean don’t get it wether wants the trend with it. And I always wondered whether they charge for such a free concert?



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