6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Heading Out Post Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions are being eased all across several countries, people are stepping out in big numbers. This is increasing the chances of a second wave of COVID-19, possibly deadlier than the first one. So if you are thinking about heading outside of the safety of your homes, here are six questions that will help you make the decision:

1. Are you going out for an important task?

Ask yourself if the task that you want to perform by stepping outside is important enough for you to take the risk. If it is an essential errand, or a doctor’s appointment or something equally important, going out is the only option. But if you’re thinking about going to the mall for a quick retail therapy session, then maybe, waiting a little while longer is the better option.

2. Is the place where you’re going safe?

Wherever you’re headed, make sure they implement social distancing and essential hygiene practices. Take 10 minutes to research about the place, and head out only if it is safe there.

3. Do you have your mask, gloves & sanitizer?

Making sure that you are following proper protocol is the key to coming back home safely. So wear your mask, don’t touch anything unnecessarily, don’t touch your face at all, maintain a safe distance from everyone, use gloves when necessary, keep sanitising or washing your hands at regular intervals.

4. Is the mode of transportation safe?

If you’re using your own car, then you are the safest as you are the only person in it. But if you’re planning on using public transport or a cab, please research the new relevant rules for that and make sure you follow them.

5. Are you going with someone?

If two people from the same house are stepping out for doing the same task, chances of contracting the virus also double. Let someone tag along with you, only if they are absolutely required.

6. Are you coming back in time?

There are times restricted for movement in several counties, make sure you follow them so that you are back home in time. Also finishing the task at the earliest and returning home quickly is ideal because it is best to stay outdoors for as little time as possible.

Hope this will help you make an informed and responsible decision. Stay home and stay safe. And if you head out, still stay safe!


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