3 Ways To Spice Up Your House

Staying home is the new normal. Working from home, celebrating festivals at home, and basically doing everything at home. Hence it is natural to get a little bored of the décor and the same four walls. Don’t worry, team GulfBuzz, has got your back! We have got three best ways to redecorate and spice up your house this year!

Home Office: 

The pandemic is not looking like it’s going to end soon. Hence everyone would be continuing working from home. So if you have a small room, which no one uses, you could transform it into an office! Add a new desk, some bright lights, some comfortable chairs and some flowering plants. Tada! You have a brand new cozy office!

Wallpapers or painting:

Wallpapers are a great way to change the colour of your house. Wallpapers are fast and easy to put up. You could even get some new wallpapers and put them up with your family on a weekend or on a holiday. Buy some wallpapers matching your furniture, or some which compliments your furniture. You could even get some colours which match the season. While wallpapers are easy and fast to put up, actually painting your walls can prove to be more durable. There are so many ways to get creative with paints as well!

Make small changes: 

If you are somebody, who doesn’t want to bring about a big change in your house or you are on a budget, making small changes can also do the job. Add some bookshelves or elegant show pieces to change the look of your house a bit. Framing and hanging up some old pictures can also do the trick.


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