3 Ways That Can Make You A Monopoly Champion

2020 is the era of board games. Board games are so much fun to play with everyone. People of all age groups enjoy playing board games. One such board game which is fun and challenging to play is Monopoly. Monopoly is an old classic board game, where people with amazing money handling skills always win. But don’t you worry, we today have some cheats and easy tricks for you.

1. Buy whatever you can

Buy properties and establish houses and hotels on those properties whenever possible. At the start of the game, when you have an ample amount of money, keep investing as much as possible. The best properties to buy are orange and red. But again you will land on properties only by chance, so buy whatever you can!

2. Spend as much as you can:

Monopoly enthusiast Flynn Zaiger says: “While money in the bank sounds great, unlike real life you should aim to have minimal amounts of money in the bank at all times. “Money in the bank isn’t being invested, and isn’t earning you anything. Your Monopoly banker isn’t going to pay interest! It’s almost always better to be purchasing items with your hard-earned cash, for the chance to deliver return on those investments.”

3. Utilities and Jail:

Don’t waste your money on utilities. To be honest, utilities are the worst kind of investment because you only have a 3% chance on making a profit on them. Towards the end of the game if you land up in jail, and you don’t have a jail free card, then its not such a bad thing. If you have a lot of properties then staying in jail is the best, though you will miss some gos, but that is fine.

So go and be the next Monopoly champion with these tricks!



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