Having A Bad Day? This One’s For You

These days anything can turn someone’s mood. Things as small not having enough milk in the morning or when you realize that your favourite shirt is in laundry. We asked some therapists what they do went they face these things and here’s what they said.

“We also have ups and downs and are human,” said Anabel Basulto, a marriage and family therapist based in Orange County, California. “The only difference is that we have been trained to manage stress maybe a bit better on a good day but perhaps not on a bad day.”

Take a hot water bath or shower :

“When I’m having a bad day, I don’t feel like doing anything. And then — surprise — lying on the couch and withdrawing from the world makes my day worse. Taking a shower is my way to reset. After, it revitalizes me so I have the energy to rescue my day.” — Marisa Franco, psychologist and friendship expertTaking a hot water bath or shower is like pausing or taking a break and starting a new.

Take a break from social media and news :

“When I’m having a bad day, the last thing I need is more negativity. So I intentionally stay away from social media and the news, which can be pretty negative and sensationalized — neither of which I need after a tough day. It’s easy to overwhelm ourselves with things we have no control over. So on hard days, I narrow my exposure and focus to what I can control.” ― Kurt Smith, therapist who specializes in men’s counseling.

Stop overthinking and go with the flow :

Just because you had or are having a rough morning that does not mean that the rest of the day will be rough as well. Don’t overthink about the rest of the day, just go with the flow. Take and accept everything as it comes to you.


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