10 Major Mosques In The World Could Get Solar Panels!

Credits: Instagram

Greenpeace report claims installing solar power panels at 10 major mosques in the the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe would be very beneficial to the environment. It could save thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Greenpeace published a report, called The Green Mosques Initiative and the Ummah for Earth. Ummah for Earth is an alliance of environmental groups that has the aim to support Muslim communities.  Among these 10 mosques are, Masjid Al Haram in Makkah, the world’s largest mosque, and Al Nabawi Mosque in Madinah.

The place where the Cop26 climate change conference was hosted, Glasgow Central Mosque, has started the process of installing solar panels. This project is funded by Islamic Relief. Ghiwa Nakat, executive director of Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa, said in the report, “This report shows the potential that the Ummah [the Muslim community] has to be part of the solution, not only through the direct environmental benefits of ‘greening’ these mosques but also because of their potential to influence people as centres of culture, spirituality and community life.” “They are an expression of the willingness of Muslims and religious leaders to be part of the climate solution.”