What To Eat & What Not To Eat After Getting Vaccinated

The vaccine can have some temporary side effects like nausea, fever, weakness, swollen arm, redness in the arm, etc. But these symptoms can easily to treated with some home remedies and carefulness. By controlling your diet and activity you can easily get over these symptoms. So here are some diet restrictions you should follow after getting vaccinated:


Fluids: remember to take in a lot of fluids. Any kind of tea, or your favourite kind of hot beverage, go for it. It is important to keep your body hydrated.

Balanced Meal: eat a complete balanced meal, try eating more vegetables.

Avoid Junk Food: sometimes after getting vaccinated your stomach can get a bit funny, hence avoid junk food as much as possible and go for home-cooked food.


Fasting: don’t go on a juice detox, eat well.

Resting: take rest for a couple of days. Since after getting vaccinated your immunity is low, so don’t do any heavy workout or exercise.

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