Welcome Home Happiness This Winter In Dubai By Revamping Your Home

Hosting season is here. You know what that means? Guests galore at your home filled with good vibes and happiness. Here’s how you can become the perfect host & make people go WOW when they enter your home. No, we aren’t asking you to change everything. Here’s a quick tip on how you can make small changes to your home, and become the talk of the town. Read on to know more!

Homes r Us In Dubai Home Revamp

Homes r Us has launched a complete range of home furniture and décor to help customers welcome in the season of gathering. Welcome Home Happiness is a new line of Living, Bedroom, Dining, and Accessories that enable customers to host gatherings with friends and family – from indoor game nights to outdoor barbecues. As the season of festivities approaches, the collection offers customers the perfect opportunity to give their homes a trendy makeover for the new season.

Featuring high in design trends all over the world is Biophilia. As the world gets more technology aligned, and stressful in most aspects of life – reconnecting with nature becomes an important way to improve mental wellness, performance, and health. Incorporating natural elements in the home like living walls, house plants, and open spaces for natural light to enter are key ways to bring the outside in, while living in a big city. Homes r Us offers a range of options for customers to adopt the trend and enjoy a piece of the natural world at home.

Home Design Trends 2023

Another key trend that customers can enjoy with the Welcome Home Happiness collection is the Curves trend. As designers around the world step away from the sharp and clean lines, and minimalistic look of Scandinavian-inspired interiors – curves have taken centre stage. Curved furniture, accessories, sleek rounded silhouettes, and organic shapes have started to find their way into homes. The trend makes homes feel softer and warmer – making them ideal for people who spend a lot of time with loved ones. The Curves trend can even be brought into bathroom tiling and light fittings to create a cohesive, gentle look.

Home Colour Trends 2023

When it comes to colour trends, 2023 is predicted to carry on the feeling of warmth and comfort, leaning in toward warmer, brighter colours like sunset shades. The tonal theme of Paprika is a key feature of the Welcome Home Happiness collection. As a darker, deeper tone than terracotta, Paprika brings together shades of burnt orange and deep red to create a striking yet understated tonal look, when combined with neutral fabrics and linens. Drawing inspiration from the 60s and 70s, another key tone is acid orange which sees its place in gardens as a freshness  booster and a key interest piece.

The Welcome Home Happiness collection is sure to add delight to every home. The trend-led pieces are perfect for bringing people together. Coupled with the high quality and design of all Homes r Us products, these pieces are perfect to be enjoyed for years. With this collection, Homes r Us gives customers the perfect opportunity to make lasting memories in a home that can be designed in a way that’s perfect for every family.

The Welcome Home Happiness collection is available in-store at Homes r Us branches across the UAE or online at www.homesrus.ae.

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