UK Drops Pre-Entry Visa Requirements For UAE Nationals

It’s official! The UK has finally relinquished their pre-entry visa requirements! From February 1 onwards, UAE nationals seeking UK visas will benefit from the UK’s revamped Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme. This updated system is not only more straightforward but also more pocket-friendly compared to the previous Electronic Visa Waiver. Here are all the brilliant details you need to know.

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Big Savings On Visa Costs

Goodbye to hefty fees! The new ETA comes at approximately AED 46, a considerable drop from the previous AED 140 under the electronic visa waiver scheme. Travelling to the UK just got more affordable!

Swift Processing & Extended Stay Opportunities

Need a UK visa? No worries! The ETA turnaround time averages just three days, providing a quick and hassle-free experience. What’s more? The ETA allows unlimited visits to the UK within a generous two-year span.

GCC & Jordan Joining The Club

Following in Qatar’s footsteps, citizens from the rest of the GCC and Jordan can now travel to the UK using the ETA. This exciting change comes into effect on February 22. So, if you’re planning a trip from the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, or Saudi Arabia to the UK after February 22? Mark your calendar – ETA applications open on February 1. Get ready for a smoother and more affordable visa application process.

UK, Here We Come!

The United Kingdom has always been a sought-after destination for tourists from the Gulf. With the drop of the pre-entry visa requirements, we can look forward to even more enjoyable and accessible journeys across the continents. For more details, visit and stay tuned for your stress-free UK travel adventure!

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