UAE’s Official Rules On The Do’s & Don’ts Of Celebrating UAE National Day This Weekend In A Safe Way

Well, first things first, UAE National Day is now being integrated into a new name. This patriotic day is now called Union Day. So, in honour of UAE’s 52nd Union Day, I’m breaking down all the do’s and don’ts on how you can celebrate around Dubai this year from December 1st till December 4th. Here are all the details you need to know.

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UAE Union Day Rules Announced By The Government

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) wants everyone to have a good time while keeping health and safety in mind. So they’ve rolled out some rules to ensure a celebration that’s both lawful and respectful. By now everyone knows this UAE Union Day also brings about the last long weekend of the year and that you surely have some grand plans to celebrate (and if you’re still struggling to find plans, don’t worry we’ve got you covered).

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Do’s & Don’ts For A Memorable Celebration!

What You Can Do:

  1. Follow the Road Rules: Stick to traffic rules and listen to police instructions to keep the roads safe for everyone.
  2. Keep it Low: Enjoy your tunes, but let’s keep the volume down to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Be Patriotic and have fun: Show your love for the beautiful country of UAE and have an amazing long weekend. But stick to the rules and stay safe

What You Don’t Do:

  1. No Marches or Gatherings: Keep the celebrations in check; avoid random gatherings and marches.
  2. Party Spray Prohibition: Say no to party sprays if you’re a motorist, passenger, or pedestrian.
  3. Car Makeover Limits: Hands off those number plates! Avoid changing the color of your vehicle, blackout tinting, or windshield alterations.
  4. No Inappropriate Decor: Resist the urge to write on your vehicle or stick inappropriate stickers.
  5. Occupancy Limits: Stick to the permitted vehicle occupancy limit.
  6. Safety First: Avoid sticking your head out of windows or opening the sunroof while on the move.
  7. Noise Control: Keep your vehicle noise in check; no unlicensed additions to engines or materials causing disturbances.
  8. Traffic Respect: Don’t disrupt traffic or block roads. Showy, reckless driving is a no-go.
  9. Window Decor Rules: No covering side windows, front or rear windshields with stickers or front sunshades.
  10. Flag Faux Pas: Only raise UAE flags; other country flags are a ‘no’ on this day.
  11. Shop Decor Limits: Shop owners, keep it UAE-themed! No unrelated posters or flags allowed.

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Here Are UAE's Official Rules On The Do's & Don'ts Of Celebrating UAE National Day This Weekend In A Safe Way
An Example of what is definitely NOT Allowed

Consequences Of Non-Compliance: Immediate Fines & Impoundment!

The MOI emphasises that failure to follow these guidelines will result in immediate fines and vehicle impoundment. Even shops aren’t exempt—fines will be handed out for bending the rules.

So, let’s make this National Day a celebration to remember responsibly and in unity! 🇦🇪

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