UAE: Speed Limits Changed On 2 Key Roads Announced With Fines Of Up To AED 3000

Big news for Sharjah drivers! The Roads and Transport Authority has reduced speed limits on two major roads: Al Ittihad and Al Wahda. Now, you’ll need to drive at 80kmph instead of the previous 100kmph. Make sure to watch out for the new speed signs reflecting this change. For all the details on these speed limit changes and fines for violations, keep reading.

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Fines For Speeding

Speeding fines in Sharjah vary depending on the road and the extent of the violation. According to federal traffic laws, penalties can start at AED 300 and go up to AED 3,000. Severe offences might also result in black points on your license and vehicle confiscation.

Affected Area

This new speed limit applies to a 4.3km stretch starting from Al Taawun Bridge, right after the Dubai-Sharjah border, and ending at King Faisal Bridge. This E11 highway stretch is a crucial route for many commuters travelling between Dubai and Sharjah, passing through neighbourhoods like Al Taawun, Al Nahda, Al Wahda, and Al Majaz.

Reason For The Change

The main goal of this speed reduction is to ensure smoother traffic flow. Sharjah roads often experience heavy gridlock during peak hours, and this change aims to ease that congestion.

Stay safe and drive responsibly!

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