UAE Residents Called To Cheer & Clap In Their Balconies On 25th March

Due to self-isolation and quarantine period in Dubai, the noisy streets have become absolutely quiet. But according to a Facebook post, there might be happiness and cheerfulness in the citizens of Dubai very soon. 

The Dubai Expat Community Group on Facebook has invited all citizens to cheer and clap from their balconies at 8 PM on 25th March 2020. This act goes out as an appreciation to the medical staff, delivery teams and supermarket employees for their tireless efforts to keep things running even in these times of distress. This small gesture is the perfect way to unite the community and lift up spirits in these times. 

This is not the first time a country’s residents will be stepping out on to their balconies to cheer for professionals working to keep things running. Spain and Italy are regularly asking their citizens to come by their windows to cheer. Not just that, the Indian Prime Minister also asked the residents to step out on to their balconies on 22nd March 2020 to clap and appreciate the hardworking medical professionals of the country. 

Dubai, now it’s your turn! All you have to do is get out on your balconies and clap in appreciation. Don’t forget to be there! 

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