UAE: Investors Prefer Golden & Silver Visas The Most

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According to analysts, foreign investors, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) prefer golden and silver visas because they wish to contribute to the emirate’s development in the post-pandemic age. According to business consultants and industry experts, new visa revisions give foreign investors and people looking for freelancing work permits in the UAE a variety of possibilities.

“Investors are keen to capitalise on opportunities and get visas which serve their interests within their budgets. Dubai has emerged as an economic powerhouse or an international business hub after its successful strategy to contain the Covid-19 pandemic,” they said.

The top three categories for obtaining residency permits in the UAE, according to industry experts, are golden, silver, and retirement visas. Additionally, people who want to invest AED 1 million or more in a single residential property are eligible for a Dubai investor visa or a partner visa, subject to the requirement that no more than 50% of the property value be subject to a bank mortgage.

Additionally, applicants for the investor visa who have made investments in the United Arab Emirates or formed businesses in Dubai’s mainland or free zone may also qualify. “The minimum capital requirement as an investor in a company would be buying shares in an existing company worth at least Dh72,000 or establishing a company with a capital investment worth the same amount,” according to an industry expert.

Golden visas are more popular among investors who are eager to make long-term investments in Dubai, according to Pratik Rawal, the managing partner at Ascent Partners. Some features of the Golden Visas are 10-year validity, holders can stay outside the country for six months & freedom to enter Dubai without any conditions.