UAE Gets Its First-Ever​ Fully Operated Robo-Cafe & Its In Dubai!

The future of hospitality is here! UAE’s first robotic café has been launched in Dubai. It is located in Dubai Festival City Mall and is now open for business. We’re here with answers to all the questions you might have regarding this novel Robo Café!

What do we mean by a robotic café ?

This one of a kind café has robots as makers and servers of our food and beverages. There are three slick robot machines that are designed to make coffees and snacks. With their arms like appearance and function, they can easily move around and efficiently prepare our food orders. 

Is the experience truly without any human interaction?

In one word, yes!

Enter this café and get seated on the table that looks like furniture from the future. Place your order on the computer tablet on the table and make the payment. Let the robots take over now. The big arm like structure will prepare your beverages and snacks and place them on the top of a smaller robot. The smaller robot will then carefully get the meal right to your table.

Do the robots really dance and sing?

This is a cherry on the big fat AI cake! At timely intervals, the robots will play music and also perform a co-ordinated choreography which is a must-watch treat for one and all!

What about the food?

The hot chocolate and coffees are as good as any decent café. The wraps and pastries also hold up in decent competition to the regular man-made café delicacies.


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