Toy Story Spin-Off ‘Lightyear’ Banned From Screening In The UAE

Credits: Instagram

The United Arab Emirates’ Media Regulatory Office said in a Tweet on Monday that Disney’s animated picture ‘Lightyear’ had not been cleared for screening. Just three days before its release across the big screens in the UAE, the animated film will be released worldwide. The Media Regulatory Office claimed it was not licenced to be shown in a statement and here’s why.

The United Arab Emirates censors information that violates its public consumption rules regularly. The PG-rated picture was the topic of controversy in the United States and worldwide due to a same-sex kiss between two characters. Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti regulators, according to media sources, made the same choice in recent days.

“The Media Regulatory Office announced that the animated film Lightyear, which is scheduled for release on 16th June, is not licensed for public screening in all cinemas in the UAE, due to its violation of the country’s media content standards,” it said in a social media post.

“The office confirms that all films screened in cinemas across the country are subject to follow-up and evaluation before the date of screening to the public, to ensure the safety of the circulated content according to the appropriate age classification.”