This Talabat Delivery Rider Is Going To Meet The Crown Prince Of Dubai!

credits: Khaleej Times

Remember the courier guy from last week’s viral video? He removed two concrete bricks from a traffic junction? Well, Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai took notice of this courageous act and will soon be meeting Pakistani expat Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Hakim to thank him for his act of kindness!

That is not all! The Dubai Crown Prince personally called Pakistani expat Abdul Ghafoor Abdul Hakeem on Sunday. Can you imagine that? Abdul Ghafoor got a call of a lifetime!

Abdul Ghafoor was elated and said that he could not believe his ears. He was out for a delivery when the call came. “The Dubai Crown Prince thanked me for what I had done. He also said that he was out of the country right now and promised he would meet me as soon as he was back.”

According to the Talabat rider, he got a call from the Dubai Police confirming his contact details and informing him that the Dubai Crown Prince would like to speak to him.

“To be honest, I’m still in disbelief that the Sheikh wanted to speak to a common man like me,” said Abdul Ghafoor. “He is really a great leader.”


Talabat had rewarded him with an air ticket to go home and spend time with his son. The 27-year-old had said that he had not seen his son since he was a few months old and missed him terribly.

To be honest, our world needs such heroes to remind us that we are all human and must help each other sometimes. The pure, kind-hearted response from the Crown Prince is also such an incredible gesture and might persuade more people to actively participate in making a small contribution towards the wellbeing of others. Perhaps there’s hope for us after all!