Abu Dhabi: The Liwa Village Festival Returns This December – Everything You Need To Know

The much-anticipated Liwa Village Festival is back with a bang! The dates are in – mark your calendar from December 8 to December 31, and get ready to be part of this extraordinary experience. Located around the towering Moreeb Dune, soaring to 1,600 meters, this festival promises to be a feast for the senses.

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What’s New In 2023

Get ready for an extended and expanded second edition of Liwa Village Festival in 2023. The organisers have exciting plans in store, including new attractions for kids and families every weekend. Prepare to be entertained by local, regional, and internationally renowned artists, making this festival a truly global extravaganza.

The Liwa Village Festival Is Coming Back To The Abu Dhabi Desert This December & Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

A Glimpse Into Last Year’s Success

The 2022 session was a resounding success, offering visitors access to various experiences. The festival left no stone unturned, from concerts to family activities, thrilling rides, arcade games, and immersive dining options. Attendees had the chance to immerse themselves in Emirati heritage and crafts, compete in eGaming tournaments, and shop at a bustling souk featuring top local fashion brands. One of the highlights was Fuel Fest Arabia, where fans met Hollywood stars from the Fast and Furious franchise, including Ludacris, Cody Walker, and Tyrese Gibson, with a closing concert by Ludacris himself.

The Liwa Village Festival Is Coming Back To The Abu Dhabi Desert This December & Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

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What To Expect This Year

While there’s no guarantee that every highlight from last year will make a return, there’s a good chance that some elements will be back. With that in mind, let’s dive into what made Liwa Village Festival 2022 so special:

GAZE Immersive Dining: A Starlit Culinary Adventure

The GAZE Immersive Dining experience offers a unique blend of dining and digital technology under the starry desert skies. Imagine dining under the stars with pop-up experiences by Antika and Zuma.

Souk: A Shopper’s Paradise

The Souk is a treasure trove of off-the-rack merchandise from visiting vendors – House of Artisans, Chitral Handicrafts, Elevenish, and Apparel Group. Explore an on-site spice market, henna art, khoos basket weaving displays, and live Emirati cooking demonstrations. You can also savour dishes from popular names like High Joint, Nap Pizza, Boh’ba Bubble Tea, Space Cafe, Scoppi Ice Cream, Flurry, and Acai Republic.

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Oasis: A Haven of Creativity

The Oasis offers a serene escape from the festival’s lively atmosphere. You can indulge in terrarium making, jewellery design, terracotta pot painting, and tea excursions here. Enjoy contributions from Mattar Farm, The Giving Movement, Culinary Boutique, Turquoise Boutique Studio, DRVN, Nikon Kids Photo Club, Let’s Cafe and more.

Pavilion: A Sanctuary of Aesthetics

The Pavilion is a haven for those seeking relaxation and appreciating aesthetic excellence.

Play Zone: Gaming Galore

For gaming enthusiasts, the Play Zone is a paradise. Engage in eGaming tournaments and try your hand at the arcade and skill-based games.

Stage: The Heart of Arabian Entertainment

The Stage is where the magic happens. It’s the dedicated performance zone showcasing the finest Arabian talent.

Liwa Village Festival 2023 promises to be an unforgettable desert extravaganza, so save the dates and be prepared for an experience like no other from December 8 to December 31 in Abu Dhabi around the Moreeb Dune!

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