The Green Planet Dubai Is Now Home To A Cute & Fluffy Bearcat!

The Green Planet Dubai is the home to many amazing and cute creatures. But recently, it welcomed its largest resident ever: a bearcat! Binturong (also known as Fluffy) the bearcat is about two years old, he is still small since these animals can live up to 25 years. He is over 14 kgs in weight and is said to grow till 30 kgs once an adult.

The name bearcat because these creatures have a cat-like-head and a body like a bear and tail like a monkey. But an interesting fact about them is that they are neither related to the cat nor the bear family.

General Manager – Dubai Holding Entertainment – Attraction, Victoria Lynn, said: “Fluffy was born at a zoological facility in Serbia. He is a solitary animal, which means that he does not live in groups or families and therefore, it was time for him to leave his parents and become an ambassador on behalf of his species and for all larger rainforest animals.”

Lynn continued: “By joining The Green Planet, he will help to teach us more about the incredible Bearcat species and help to educate our guests and visitors on why the protection of the environment and the Bearcat habitat is so important. Fluffy is currently settling in well to his new home and we look forward to welcoming guests to see him!”


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