Here’s What You Need To Know About The Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival Happening At Expo City This Month

Excitement is building up in Expo City Dubai as the Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival is set to illuminate Al Wasl Plaza with a burst of colours and creativity. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for this dazzling event, happening from Friday, January 26, to Sunday, February 4.

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Emirati Artistry Takes Center Stage

Step into the world of renowned Emirati artists, including the illustrious Mattar Bin Lahej, recognised for crafting the stunning calligraphic façade on the Museum of the Future. Joining him are six other accomplished artists:

  • Dr Najat Makki
  • Dr Mohamed Yousef
  • Abdulla Almulla
  • Maitha Hamdan
  • Khalid Alshafar
  • Reem Al Ghaith

Their installations will weave a tapestry of tradition and contemporary artistry during the festival, running from Friday, January 26, to Sunday, February 4.

Mattar Bin Lahej

Vivid Synergy Of Light & Culture

Imagine a spectacle that mirrors the vibrant extravagance of Vivid Sydney. The masterminds behind the festival, in collaboration with AGB Creative and the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, are transforming Al Wasl Plaza into a radiant masterpiece. The goal? To showcase Emirati talent, turning light into a language of creativity and cultural storytelling.

Workshops, Talks & Culinary Delights

The Dhai Dubai Light Festival is not just about visual splendour. Interactive workshops for all ages and engaging talks on the interplay between art, culture, and light will unfold. And for those who wish to dine amid the spectacle, a curated blend of culinary delights awaits. From local Dubai food businesses to Expo City favourites like Al Fanar, Ajeene, ECCO Pizza and Pasta, Gup and Shup, Safar, and Yamanote Collective, the gastronomic experience will be as diverse as the art on display.

A Celebration Of Unity & Wonder

At its core, the festival aims to create an atmosphere of unity and wonder, drawing inspiration from Al Wasl’s values of inclusiveness, a rich cultural tapestry, knowledge, authentic cultural expression, universal humanity, and insatiable curiosity. It’s more than just an event; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the soul of a nation and an exploration of its stories.

Mark Your Calendar For This Free For All Extravaganza

The best part? Access to this captivating experience is entirely free. So, mark your calendar and join us from Friday, January 26, to Sunday, February 4, for a deep dive into the soul of the nation, a celebration of light, and a journey into the heart of creativity. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary fusion of art, culture, and light at Expo City Dubai. Visit the Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival website to find out more.

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