Step-By-Step Guide To Staying Connected While Traveling In Dubai With A Tourist SIM

So, you’ve landed in Dubai, and you’re all set to holiday your heart out. But wait, how do you ensure you stay connected during your stay? Don’t worry – because we’ve got your back with an incredibly easy guide to snagging a temporary tourist SIM card. And guess what? It’s as simple as picking up a souvenir at a gift shop. You can even grab one right at DXB airport, saving you time and effort.

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Step 1: Choose Your Telecom Companion

Before you dive into Dubai’s wonders, meet the three main telecom heroes: du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile. They’re all government-owned and your ticket to staying connected. Look out for their stands at DXB airport and even in various hypermarkets across the city. Their websites also hold the secrets to their locations.

Step 2 Buying Your Tourist Sim: Etisalat

  • Etisalat stands rock the red and black look.
  • Snag a free tourist SIM card with 1GB data.
  • Don’t worry about landing time – they deliver round the clock.
  • Or be a planner and order online before you arrive.
  • Best Deal: AED 49 for 2GB data and 30 flexi minutes over 28 days.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Staying Connected While Traveling In Dubai With A Tourist SIM

  • Du’s stands are blue and eye-catching.
  • Get your du tourist SIM card if you’re 18 or above and just landed.
  • You’ll start with 1GB free data for 24 hours.
  • Fancy more? Upgrade with limited-time packages.
  • Best Deal: AED 49 for 2GB data and 30 flexi minutes over 28 days.

 Virgin Mobile

  • Find Virgin Mobile stands at DXB and online.
  • Their focus? Data, glorious data.
  • Enjoy a 21GB data package for seven days.
  • Or go for the extended stay plans of 15 and 30 days.
  • Best Deal: AED 142.86 for 21GB, 30 min/SMS local, and 20 min/SMS international for seven days.

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Step 3: Adventure Awaits!

Now that you’ve got your Dubai tourist SIM card, you’re ready to explore the city like a pro. Choose your telecom champion, indulge in data delights, and let the adventures begin! You can now use your data packages to seamlessly connect to the internet anywhere you go.

Must-Have App All Tourists Need Before Landing In Dubai

Here is a list of all the top most helpful apps you’ll need during your stay in Dubai.

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  • Careem: For convenient taxi options, Dubai’s most trusted taxi hailing app is called Careem. On Careem you can book the most affordable ride in the city also known as the Hala Taxi or you book a private car that can range from a Lexus to a Tesla if you get lucky. You can also book all day cars on the app so that you can travel around the city hassle free. To download the Careem app click here.

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  • Nol Pay: If you are also looking to travel around Dubai like the locals do by using the metro then you will definitely need the Nol Pay app. This app allows you to easily top up your nol card before you hit the station to help you skip the long lines. Essentially a nol card is your ticket onto the metro that can be topped up with as much money as you would like but requires a minimum Balance of AED 7.50 for one trip. The metro has three section – Gold, Silver, and a women & kids only carriage (bear in mind that men in the pink women & kids only carriage will be fined AED 100 penalty fee, so please be respectful while using Dubai public transportation. Your nol card will also work on Dubai’s public Busses and the same minimum balance of AED 7.50 is required. You can check all metro and buss departure and arrival timings on your phone by search where you are and where you are trying to go on your phone. To download the Nol Pay app click here.
  • Noon: Next up we have the most popular and convenient food delivery in Dubai – Noon. On noon you can order food at any time of the day or night. Yes even when those midnight munchies hit and room service is closed Noon will be there to your rescue. You can also order essential items off Noon Minutes. Say you forgot to bring sunscreen with you Noon Minutes will be able to bring it you in 15 Minutes or less. To Download the Noon app click here.
  • Botim: Free Voice and video calling while you are in Dubai. Dubai does not have connections to use FaceTime or WhatsApp calling so during your stay when trying to stay in touch with your loved one back home it will be easier for everyone to download Botim instead of trying to override the rules and download VPN (which is strictly not allowed) so that you can use FaceTime or Whatsapp. Botim is quick, fast and easy to use. To download Botim click here.

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