Soon Tesla Model 3 To Run As Taxi On The Streets Of Dubai


There’s a chance for us all to ride a Tesla! The Huge Success of operating 172 Tesla Vehicles as limousines since 2017 has paved the way for Tesla Model 3 to be added to Dubai Taxi Corporation’s fleet on a trial basis.

The trial operation aims to verify the efficiency of the vehicle as the scope of using electric vehicles has widened. The city plans to roll out the first autonomous taxis by 2023.The number of vehicles and how much the investment was worth has not been disclosed yet.

This step in the right direction matches perfectly with Dubai Government’s ambitions. The goal is to make us a zero-carbon city. The DTC aims to contribute to this by converting 90% of its limousine fleet into eco-friendly vehicles by 2026.

They’ve begun mapping the streets with Google Maps-style vehicles to create a digital path for driverless cars and the thought of riding in a taxi without a driver is both scary and exciting!


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