Some Parts Of UAE Might Experience Temperatures As High As 50°C On The Longest Day Of The Year

Credits: Pixabay

Summer Solstice 2022: The longest day of the year is tomorrow (June 21st). Though it doesn’t mean it will be the hottest, some parts of the UAE might experience temperatures as high as 50°C tomorrow. The country’s hottest temperature was 49.4°C today in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafrah district, while it was 49.8°C yesterday in Sweihan, Al Ain. Along with the high temperatures, expect some high humidity also (up to 85% in some regions).

Credits: Instagram

Yesterday, NCM issued a weather alert stating convective clouds are expected to form over Al Ain. High surface temperatures on land cause warm humid air to rise through cooler surrounding air in the atmosphere, forming convective clouds. This means that some parts of the country can expect some rain and breeze. Abu Dhabi Police also issued an alert for the same.