Single This Valentine’s? This Free Event Will Set You Up On A Blind Date

Love in the Air: A Complimentary Date Awaits Lucky Couples

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well, get ready to ride the love wave at The Stables’ Blind Date Night on Tuesday, February 13th! This iconic British gastropub, nestled just behind Sheikh Zayed Road, is turning up the romance with a modern twist. And guess what? Lucky couples formed during the Blind Date Night are in for a treat – a complimentary date for two at The Stables!

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How to Join the Fun: Free Sign-ups and a Deadline

The fun kicks off at 8 pm, and guess what? Sign-ups are absolutely free! So, if you’re up for a night of mystery, laughter, and maybe a dash of magic, mark your calendars for February 13th. But here’s the deal – don’t miss the love train! Sign up by texting or WhatsApp-ing on +971 56 681 2820, no later than Monday, 12th February, 5 pm. Love waits for no one, folks!

Hosted by Cupid’s Assistant: Noha Jadallah

Your guide through this rollercoaster of romance is none other than the charming Noha Jadallah! She’s all set to make the Blind Date Night an unforgettable experience, filled with connection, chemistry, and who knows, maybe a sprinkle of magic dust. So, all you daring singles out there, it’s your time to shine!

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The Blind Date Night Adventure: How It Works

Picture this: blindfolded singles, thrilling questions, and an adventure that could change everything! Participants will be brought on stage, blindfolded and ready for the unexpected. Noha and her team will fire off a series of relationship questions, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. The catch? They won’t see each other until deciding if sparks fly beyond the physical. Talk about a true test of connection!

For those who prefer to play it safe from the sidelines, you’re more than welcome to join as spectators. Witness the magic unfold as potential lovebirds navigate the Blind Date Night with laughs, surprises, and maybe a little bit of awkward charm.

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Surprise Treat: Sunday Roast for Two!

Hold on to your heart emojis because here’s the cherry on top! All lucky couples formed during the Blind Date Night are in for a delightful surprise – a complimentary date for two at The Stables, featuring a delectable Sunday Roast for Two. It’s the perfect way to continue the romance and savor the flavors of love.

Don’t let this chance for love gallop away! Early sign-ups are encouraged, so grab your cowboy boots or your fanciest heels, and join us at The Stables for the Blind Date Night. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a memory-filled love fest!

Quick Deets

What: Blind Date Night at Saddles on 13th February
Date & Time: 13th February | 8 pm – 10 pm
Sign-up: text or whatsapp on +971 56 681 2820, no later than Monday 12th February 5pm.
Location: The Stables Dubai| 32 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre 1, Dubai
Contact: 054 417 7028
Website: The Stables Dubai 

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