Scottish Government Will Pay You AED 230,000 If You Move To These Beautiful Scottish Islands


Let’s be honest, we all have dreamt about living amidst European mountains at least once, well here is some good news for all-mountain lovers out there! To combat depopulation, the Scottish government is giving people up to AED 230,000 (£50,000) to relocate to the remote Scottish islands. People can be paid £50,000 to relocate to a remote island!

Until 2026, the Scottish government will pay £50,000 to 100 persons & families that relocate to Orkney and the Isle of Skye. Applicants from as far away as South America have already submitted their applications! Officials indicated to The Times that depopulation is the greatest threat to these island settlements and that this step would be good in reversing the problem!


Alasdair Allan, the SNP MSP for the Western Isles, told The Times: “Depopulation is one of the biggest threats to our island communities. Anything we can do to reverse depopulation trends should be encouraged. These bonds will support people to buy homes, start businesses and otherwise make their lives here for the long-term.”

Introducing the £5 million Islands Bond fund, it read: “The Scottish Government committed to developing a £5 million Islands Bond fund, providing up to £50,000 each for up to 100 households by 2026, by providing financial support for island residents to remain in their community, or to encourage people to move there.