Science Behind Flies Rubbing Their Legs Together

Insects are the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Though many people find the weird and disgusting, they are much more than that. One such interesting creature is the fly. Flies are everywhere, and one very common thing everyone notices about flies is that they rub their legs very often. Let’s see the science behind it!

When a fly is rubbing its legs together, it means that they are cleaning themselves. A fly’s antennae, eyes are bristles on its body are the most important thing for it. hence to perceive the world and their surroundings correctly, these sense organs must be clean at all times. So basically what a fly does, it cleans its sense organs with its legs and then rubs them together to clean them. They run their legs all over their bodies to collect all the dirt that has accumulated, then rubbing their legs to in turn clean them.

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