Saudi Arabia Declares The Start Of Eid Al Adha & Here’s What We Know For UAE So Far

Unlike the previous predictions for Eid Al Adha, Saudi Arabia declared on the evening of Thursday, June 7th, the official start of the upcoming Eid Al Adha. The previous predictions brought us the potentiality of a 3-day holiday following the weekend, making it a 5-day long weekend for those who get Saturday and Sunday off. However, considering the UAE follows in line with Saudi Arabia, this may mean that the 5-day long weekend is no longer in the books for Dubai residents. Keep reading to find out when Saudi has declared the start of Eid.

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Saudi Arabia Eid Al Adha Dates

The Saudi Arabia Supreme Court has declared that since the crescent moon of Dhu Al Hijjah has been sighted, this will correlate to Arafat Day being on Saturday, June 15th and consequently the first day of Eid Al Adha to be Sunday, June 16th. However, across the border in Oman, a different date has been announced for Eid Adha. Oman has said that the crescent moon of Dhu Al Hijjah has not been sighted for them, which means the first day of Eid Al Adha will be Monday, June 17th – this aligns with previous predictions made in the UAE for the start of Eid Al Adha.

So, that leaves us with the question: What will the UAE do on the first of Eid, and what will happen to our Eid Al Adha holiday? No official announcement has been made by UAE as of now, but stay tuned to Gulf Buzz for all the latest updates so that you don’t miss out on your well-deserved vacation time.

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