You Can Now Rent Umbrellas From Dubai Metro Stations To Beat The Summer Heat

Dubai is no stranger to scorching temperatures. The unforgiving sun can be relentless, leaving us residents searching for shade and relief. But here’s some good news: a Canadian company ‘UmbraCity’ has brought an innovative solution to the Dubai Metro stations. These umbrellas can provide people with ample shade during sunny days, even reducing temperatures by a refreshing 6ºC! Here are all the details you need to know about how your summers may just get so much cooler.

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Free Umbrellas For Everyone

Imagine having access to specially-designed umbrellas, placed strategically in public locations across Dubai, just like how you can find Careem bike docks placed around the city – the concept is very similar. However, for now you can only find the bright yellow RTA branded umbrellas at Ghubaiba Metro & Bus Station.

How To Unlock Your Unbrella

The procces is very simple. All you have to do is visit the kiosk and tap your nol card at the designated scanner and it will register it in their system. So, the umbrella are totally free to rent… but only for 24 hours. If within these 24 from when you first reneted the unbrella you do not return it back to the kiosk the nol card you used to take it out will be charged AED 10. You will keep being charged for each day you keep the umbrella but guess what? If you keep it for more than 5 days then the umbrella is all yours. So, register now and be a member for life!

Dubai’s summers are about to get cooler, thanks to UmbraCity’s innovative and eco-conscious approach to providing free umbrellas. Say goodbye to sweltering heat and hello to a more comfortable summer in the city.

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