Reading Festival For Children Is Coming To Sharjah This Month!

It is said that every child should read. Reading enhances your ability to imagine and think about things. Hence to promote reading, a reading festival especially for children is coming to Sharjah. This 11-day festival will start on the 19th of May and will feature children’s books of almost all genres. Along with reading workshops, there will be cooking classes and so many more fun workshops!

Khoula Al Mujaini, General Coordinator of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, said that “We want to emphasise to the young generations the importance of fuelling, encouraging and building their imagination to discover new worlds; to innovate, experiment and learn. For behind every great idea or innovation lies immersive imagination, which plays a key role in transforming someone’s vision into great new realities.”

Al Mujaini continued: “We, therefore, invite children and young adults in the UAE and all over the world to unleash their imagination at the multitude of exciting workshops and activities that will be taking place during SCRF 2021. These activities will give them a platform to have fun, make discoveries, engage with their peers, share their ideas and portray their talents. Most importantly, the festival will be a feast for their imagination.”

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