People Who Have Been Friends For 50 Years, Take A Trip Together To Relive Old Times

Usha, Amrita, and Amrita’s husband, Robin have been friends since they have been 15. Now this golden trio is in their 60s, so to relive old times, they decided to take a trip across India! The trip started with an impromptu short vacation to Goa but turned into a 40-day journey that covered cities like Hampi, Chennai and Bengaluru. The trio ended their journey in Andaman and made some funny and bizarre memories. Each one of them got a tattoo, socialized with some foreigners they met on the way and so much more!
Credits: Facebook
“Although the initial plan was to head straight to Goa, whenever any of us saw a signboard on the way, we’d take a detour. And just like that, the 12-hour drive from Mumbai to Goa took us 4 days! In the evenings, we’d enjoy the sunset with some chilled beer while chatting about our good old college days. It was other-worldly–just us friends and the ocean! What a journey it’s been! All three of us got tattoos, we’ve met people from all walks of life, we’ve gotten lost and had a cook-off with a group of Russians (our chicken was much better than their dumplings)…we’ve really lived! And now after coming back home, my peers keep asking me, ‘How did you travel for 40 days straight at the age of 68?’ and I tell them, ‘You have only one life to live…So, switch off your TV and switch on your car. That’s the best way to be!” said Robin.
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