New Rules And Guidelines By The NCEMA & Abu Dhabi Government For International Travelers

From December 24th, the Abu Dhabi government has announced new rules for international travelers travelling to Abu Dhabi. A list of countries have been selected and travelers from those countries would be able to enter the country provided they have a negative PCR test. Before, the negative test should be done 48 hours before entering the country now it is 72 hours.

You would need to take a second test at day 6 and another one at day 12 if you are still in Abu Dhabi. For people who test positive, quarantine has been reduced to 10 ten days from 14 days, provided the test result taken on day 8 is negative.

Volunteers for the National Vaccination Programme and the volunteers of Phase III clinical trials who also have a golden star or an identification mark of the letter E on the Alhosn application are exempted. Also, they are allowed to use the emergency vehicles road lanes when they enter the emirates.

The NCEMA (Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee) has opened 18 new DPI facilities on Abu Dhabi border. These new testing facilities are laser equipped. They will also help to ease the flow and regulate traffic into the emirates. Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee has also approved the plans to open new road lanes at the entry points between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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