Looking For An Engaging K-Drama, Itaewon Class Is The One!

Itaewon Class is not your average Korean Drama. It is the story of a boy who loses his father at a very young age. His father’s untimely death motivates him to take revenge on the person who was responsible for his father’s death. He then works hard towards his goal to establish a restaurant of his own and turn it into a company. He sure does face some bumps, but eventually reaches his goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Like all other Korean dramas this one also has a bit of romance but it is not the central theme. You can expect the themes of friendship, determination and so much more from this one. If you are looking for an engaging plot full of twists and turns, then Itaewon Class is the one! This drama is available on Netflix and currently only has one season of 16 episodes, so what are you waiting for?

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