Christmas Is Less Than 10 Days Away, Here Are 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Are Still Meaningful

With only 10 days until Christmas and two weeks until the year’s end, gift-giving is in full swing. If you haven’t found the perfect gift yet and it’s too late to order online, I’ve got your back with some fantastic last-minute gift ideas that are still thoughtful and meaningful. And this list works absolutely anyone, from gifting your older brother to your closest colleague or even your best friend.

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1. Jewellery

Gifts of jewellery are always a hit, regardless of gender. The key is to choose a piece you know they’ll love, be it a bracelet, necklace, rings or anything else. Consider their preferred colour – gold, silver, or rose gold – and if possible go for that extra touch, customise it with their initials. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will definitely be appreciated.

2. A Personalised Care Basket

As enjoyable as holidays are, they can also be a stressful time, juggling friends, family, and hosting duties. This gift is ideal for your friend who prioritizes others. This festive season, surprise them with a basket of their favorite treats – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just simply fill it with their favourite snacks, candies, skincare/haircare products, or a combination of things you know they love. They’ll surely appreciate the effort you put into creating the basket.

3. Concert Tickets

Now, this gift may be on the pricier side of things, but if you know any of your loved ones are absolutely desperate to attend a concert in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi, why not beat them to the punch and buy their concert tickets? You could even purchase one for yourself and turn it into a group outing. It’s a very thoughtful gift; your friend will undoubtedly love it for ages to come.

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4. Couple Gifts

“Two birds with one stone,” as they say, right? A quick and easy gift idea for any couples in your life could be as simple as getting them matching mugs, matching bathrobes, matching sunglasses — I think you you get the idea. Anything in a ‘couple’ theme ensures that no one is left without a gift. Gifting one partner is not the same as gifting both, and this way, everyone can make use of your present, making everyone happy.

5. Board Games

This gift is for your friend who throws the best parties. If your friend loves having people over and entertaining them, may I suggest getting them a new and unique board game or card game? Choose one in a genre or category they haven’t tried before; who knows, you might just introduce them to their new favourite game.

6. Wine

This idea may be fairly simple, but if you’re really in need of a last-minute gift and have no idea what to get, grab a bottle (or two) of your friend’s favourite wine. And if your friend isn’t much of a wine person, then any bottle (or two, or as many as you’d like to get) of their favourite alcohol will definitely be appreciated.

7. Festive Socks

We all have that one friend who’s always cold, and even at home, they’re consistently rockin’ a stylish pair of socks. While this gift might not sound thrilling to everyone, there are definitely people out there who more than love receiving quirky, funky, and unique socks with cool designs. It’s an affordable present that will undoubtedly make your loved ones feel warm and cozy throughout the winter.

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8. Decoration Of Any Sort

If someone you care about hasn’t had time to decorate their space, lend a helping hand. Gift them wall art, tapestry, photo frames, trinkets, really anything that matches their personality and room its going to go in. It’s a thoughtful gesture that adds a personal touch to their space.

9. Pet Toys

Sometimes the best way to a people’s hearts is through their pets. This holiday, you can show your love for your friend vicariously through their pets, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or anything else you can imagine, by buying them some interactive toys they can play together with. It may not seem like a present for them, but seeing the joy it brings to their furry ones will be a gift enough for them. I surely know this would make me happy.

10. Flowers And A Handwritten Letter

And when all else fails, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a personally handwritten letter. We all know the holidays are a busy time for everyone, and sometimes finding the perfect present for everyone is difficult, but who can say no to a bouquet of flowers and the time and consideration that goes into a handwritten letter?

So, regardless of whether you’re exchanging gifts or not this year, take a moment to express your love and appreciation for those around you. Let’s make this holiday season brim with festive cheer!

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