How To Support Someone Who Has COVID-19 Long Haul?

COVID-19 long haul basically means a health condition that did not exist before and can be pretty isolating and mentally tiring. COVID-19 long haul includes everything from physical problems to mental health issues. People have suffered from low immunity, lowered stamina, hair loss, weakness, etc. If you know somebody who is going to COVID-19 long haul and you don’t know how to support them, this article is for you:

Stop Asking Them About The Illness: 

Stop asking them, ‘Are you feeling better?’, etc. Even if your intention is not to hurt them, you unknowingly will because it will stir up all the memories and maybe guilt along with it. Instead, just be patient with them and ask them about their day and life, just have a casual conversation.

Understand Their Limitations: 

“Your friend or family member may not have the same energy level or ability to show up,” said Lauren Selfridge, a psychotherapist who works with individuals with chronic illness. “And someone could have more energy than others on some days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is just fine.” You have to understand that they won’t be able to give in the relationship like they used to before. It doesn’t mean that they have changed all of a sudden, it’s just they are battling something new and they don’t know how to feel about it.

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