How To Help Beirut?

The huge explosion at the port of Beirut has caused unprecedented devastation. Killing over 135 people and injuring over 4000 others, the impact of this blast was felt even 150 miles away at Cyprus. Damage to the infrastructure including the health facilities is massive.

As Lebanon deals with its after-effects, there is something we can all do to help. Here is a list of websites that can be reached to offer donations to this cause.

  • The port of Beirut which was the epicentre of the explosion is also the main port for its food supply chain. United Nations’ World Food Program supplies food to people displaced or made homeless after the blast. You can donate here.
  • Save the Children have started a children relief fund for Lebanon. If you wish, please donate here.
  • UNICEF, the United Nations wing for children is facilitating medical and counselling for children affected by the blast. If you wish, please donate here.
  • Impact Lebanon is a nonprofit organization. Through its crowdfunding campaign, it is helping organizations on the ground and is also sharing information about people still missing after the blast.
  • The explosion has leftover 300,000 people displaced. Baytna Baytak, along with Impact Lebanon is accepting donations to shelter those who have been displaced from their homes.
  • The key provider for ambulance services in Lebanon is the Lebanese Red Cross. They are to dispatch ambulances from several parts of the country to treat the wounded and help in search-and-rescue operations. If you wish, please make the one-time contribution here.

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