Here’s Where You Can Watch The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie In Dubai

All aboard the Swifties train!! Get ready because the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie is coming to Dubai, and it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride!!! Taylor Swift herself may not be making an appearance, but I know that won’t stop you die-hard fans from watching this movie… maybe two or three times in a row. No judgment here, though. So, without further ado, here are all the details you need to know about The Eras Tour screening in the UAE!

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Global Release & Dubai Debut

Excited here in Dubai amongst the Swifties has been building since the release of the movie in America and Canada on Thursday, October 12. At the same time, the global rollout continued, with 90 more countries joining in on Friday, October 13. Fans were eager to know if the movie would find its way to the UAE. And it has now been announced that Dubai is on the list of over 13 additional destinations that will have the pleasure of screening the movie starting Friday, November 3.

What’s The Film About?

For those of you who are not cray cray for tay tay (sorry, I just had to) and have no idea what The Eras Tour Movies is about, let me tell you a little about it. The movie is a captivating recording of Taylor Swift’s concert taken from the first three mesmerising nights at the SoFi Stadium in California in August. However, note that the film is 165 minutes long, so it does only portray particular parts of the tour setlist, which spans over three hours. Performances that do not appear in the movie include – Cardigan, Wildest Dream, Anchor, Long Live and a few others.

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Arabic Subtitles For All

And don’t worry, Arabic subtitles will definitely be provided across all cinema halls in UAE, but of course.

A Star-Studded Premiere

The film’s Los Angeles premiere was nothing short of spectacular, with celebrity Swifties like Beyoncé, Adam Sandler, Flavor Flav and many more in attendance. The Eras Tour film was showcased on 13 screens to an invite-only crowd, making it a star-studded affair.

Which Cinemas Will Be Screen The Ears Tour Movie & What About Tickets

We can say for sure that most if not all Dubai cinemas will be screening the film, so keep a keen eye out. Tickets have already gone on sale at Vox Cinema and Roxy Cinema. So, be sure to check which cinema closest to you will be premiering the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie on Friday, November 3rd!

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