Here’s Two Dazzling Celestial Events To Look Forward To In UAE’s Skies This Month

Credits: Pixabay

If you are a space geek or simply someone who loves to admire the night sky, we have some amazing news for you! This month two dazzling celestial events will take place, one of them happening first time in 18 years!

Tomorrow June 14th, 2022, the UAE night sky will be brightly lit by the moon. A Strawberry Supermoon (one of the three moons of 2022) will take place tomorrow! The word “supermoon” refers to the moment in the moon’s orbit when it comes closest to Earth. As a result, the lunar disc is slightly larger than usual. The supermoon will be visible to the naked, but he is a suggestion if you feel like going the extra mile. On the night of the event, you can join the Dubai Astronomy Group at the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center at Mushrif Park, Dubai (from 6.30 PM until 8.30 PM) for an even better experience! Register here.

For the second event (this is a rare one!), five planets of our solar system will align in a straight line for the first time in 18 years! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will align in a row and you’ll be able to see them with your naked eye! As seen from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be in their natural order. This unusual phenomenon was already visible on June 3rd and 4th, but it will be even more visible on June 24th. To see this event, you’ll need binoculars and to stay away from light pollution. It will also be easier to see the sky before daybreak, so keep an eye on the skies before the sun rises!